When it comes to Infrastructure Week, it’s important to note HOW AMG is involved in these efforts. As a company, we strive to keep infrastructure at the top of our watch list. During Infrastructure week, it’s a national event of media coverage, education, and advocacy of infrastructure!
Featured Events
During this exciting week, there were some events happening that we want to highlight. These events highlight different areas of infrastructure that are important.



  • Southeastern Summit – This event ran on May 17th, 2019 and was a highlight of developing a regional strategy for economic success, the future of funding and financing infrastructure, and enhancing regional connectivity.
  • Smart Water Infrastructure – Another featured event of Infrastructure Week 2019 was the Smart Water Infrastructure event. This event “featured a cross-sector panel of leaders discussing the future of smart water infrastructure solutions-how they can be deployed to solve our most pressing water infrastructure challenges, and the role policymakers can play in making those solutions a reality.”
  • Axios – New Shapers – One more featured event that took place during Infrastructure Week 2019 is Axios – New Shapers. This event focused on having conversations on infrastructure with various judges and representatives.
    What is Infrastructure Week?
    Imagine a week where Americans leaders, workers, citizens, and elected leaders get together for a week. During this week, all that is discussed is issues surrounding America’s infrastructure. The choices made in the present will affect America’s future infrastructure.

Each year, there are at least 500 different individuals and organizations that host events. You’ll find that there are at least 100+ events happening each and every year! If you can’t make it to an event, you can always follow along on social media.

Infrastructure Week has become a movement, not just a week on the calendar. Many people are coming together to help make changes now that will impact our future! If you don’t think this is an important topic, it may be time to reconsider.

Why is Infrastructure Week a Big Deal to AMG Bolting Solutions?

You may be wondering why our company thinks this week is such a big deal. Well, it’s safe to say that Investment in Public Infrastructure Is Falling, With Real Consequences. The years following WWII, the United States was incredibly busy building a never-ending list of highways, airports, waterworks, and much more. All of this investment in infrastructure actually boosted the country’s economic output.

Fast forward to 2019 and everything built after WWII is in dire need of repair. Not only does it need repaired, but it needs to be updated to be better functioning. For example, we need better public transit systems in cities. We also need better water and sewer systems. These are just a few examples of infrastructures that need updated.

Sadly governments of all levels are failing to make these improvements now, which could greatly jeopardize these infrastructures in the future.

In addition, AMG Bolting Solutions is a manufacturer direct resource for hydraulic and pneumatic bolting tools and pumps used for many heavy industrial applications within infrastructure, so yes we have a vested interest too.

therefore, even if you think that Infrastructure isn’t a big issue to you, think again. If we all work together now, and raise awareness, we can help make the future a LOT brighter for everyone.