TTX-5 Square Drive Kit- Torque Range of 880-6,130 ft. lbs

This kit comes complete with the TTX-5 Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench, the Hyflow 115v/ 230v Air/Electric Pump, a safety handle, and a hydraulic hose.  Score this affordable and convenient torque wrench kit from AMG to satisfy all your bolting needs in one quick purchase!

See Below for details to each product included in this kit




TTX-5 Square Drive Torque Wrench


  • SQ: 1-1/2″ Torque: 880-6,6130 ft. lbs R1: 1.57″ R2: 1.81″ L1: 11.88″ L2: 6.73″ H1: 7.62″ W1: 3.16″ W2: 4.94″ W3: 6.98″ W4: 7.47″ W5: 1.61
  • 180/360-degree multi-position hose couplers prevents hose interference on all jobs
  • Made of highest quality materials (aluminum and steel alloys) for durability and longevity

Hyflow Air/Electric Pump 115v/230v

AMG Hyflow Power Pack DiagramAMG Hyflow Air

The Hyflow 115v/230v power pack is a super high-flow, 770 cu. in. heavy duty power pump pack used for hydraulic torque tools and for all 10,000 PSI equipment. This Power Pack is supplied with built in air filter/ lubricator and has a reservoir of 4.4 liters (also available with a 7.75 liter reservoir).


Max Pressure:10,000 PSI/ 700 bar

Electric Max Flow at 60Hz: 620 cu. in.

Electric Max Flow at 50Hz: 510 cu. in.

Air Max Flow: 770 cu. in.

Weight without oil: 57 lbs/260 kg | 46 lbs/21 kg

Dimensions: A/B/C: 18.8/9.8/16.1″ | 20/11/16″

Hydraulic Hose

  • Keeps hydraulic system running cooler and less subject to failure allowing long-term usage and reliablilty
  • 53″ o.d. on 1/4″ i.d. hose
  • .44 lb-ft twin line hose stands up to heavy usage
  • 10,000 PSI on a 4:1 safety
  • Two high strength  steel spiral wraps for quick tool reaction (9.1 internal expansion at 10,000 PSI) Anti-lock tools with no need for an anti-jam

Safety Handles

TTZ- 4 With Safety Handle

Featured: TTZ- 4 With Safety Handle

  • Added safety and convenience comes with every purchase from AMG Bolting Solutions via safety handles.
  • For all Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: Pancake and Square
  • Standard and customized solutions for every type of application.