Tire On/Tire Off TTP-1 & Wheel Bolt Extension Kit

Get the accuracy you need for final lug nut torqueing for your 18 wheeler tires with this TTP-1 Pneumatic Torque Multiplier kit from AMG! This kit includes a TTP Series Torcgun, a FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator), and a wheel bolt extension (available in 7,10, or 12 inches).

Utilize our system for final accurate torqueing by connecting your existing air compressor lines to our FRL system that then will connect to the TTP system by a 10 foot hose included with the FRL system.

With the TTP-1’s torque range of 200-1,250 ft-lbs, this provides torquing power for all your needs including those difficult nuts without always being at maximum torque output.



Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Unit

FRL Unit includes a 4 ounce bottle of pneumatic oil (3 month supply)

    • For use and fully compatible with all TORC Pneumatic Torque Guns
      • TORC TTP Single-Speed Torque Gun
      • TORC TTP Dual-Speed Torque Gun
    • Optional Silencer Unit reduces operational noise by 35%, down to a quiet 70-75 Db.

TTP-1 Single Speed Pneumatic Torque Gun

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AMG TTP-Dimensional-Drawings


  • Torque: 200-1,250 ft-lbs H: 7.06″ W: 2.72″ L: 8.82″ R: 1.25″ Drive: 3/4″ Weight: 8.80 lbs
  • Accurate torque with low noise and low vibration
  • Maximum torque requires only 90 PSI
  • Extensions available for job-specific applications
  • Made from lightweight, high-strength materials
  • Precision gearing produces constant calibrated power
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio of any comparable product
  • Splined reaction area allows for the use of custom reaction fixture