Power Team TWSD Series


Light weight and high strength the Bolting System TWSD series tool features superior torsional strength, fast operation cycle, fine tooth pawl and floating piston design.

  • Low weight, high strength design
  • Superior torsional strength
  • Fast operation cycle
  • Fine tooth ratchet
  • Floating piston design
  • Swivel manifold internal relief valve prevents retract side over-pressurization
  • Rigid steel body construction
  • Compact frame size
  • Reaction and drive accessories available
  • Push button reversal of square drive
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • 360° reaction arm
  • Push to lock reaction arms
  • Multi-axis high flow swivel manifold
  • Simple design
  • Consistently accurate torque output
  • Fully enclosed drive mechanism

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Pressure-Torque Conversion Chart