Power Team TWHC Series

High Cycle Torque Wrench

The Bolting Systems TWHC series torque wrench is designed for high cycle quality and lower cost of ownership. intently constructed for a cycle life two to three times longer than existing technology.

Quality means Lower Cost of Ownership:

  • Designed for high cycle life: 2 to 3x more than existing technology
  • Increased reliability: simple drive assembly means less downtime
  • Corrosion resistant material used for use in harsh environments

Enhanced Usability:

  • Compact nose radius allows the tool to fit in tighter, hard-to-reach spaces
  • Low weight, high strength design
  • Fast operation, long stroke and optimum flow
  • Multi-direction high flow swivel manifold
  • Push button square drive reversal and reaction arm positioning
  • Push-button release of square drive & reaction arm for all models except TWHC50.

Designed with Safety in Mind:

  • Fully enclosed drive mechanism for operator safety
  • Swivel manifold internal relief valve prevents retract side over-pressurization
  • Fine tooth pawl prevents tool “lock-on”

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Pressure-Torque Conversion Chart