Power Team SRT Series


The design of the Bolting Systems SRT series spring return bolt tensioner dramatically increases productivity and safety on the job site when compared to obsolete manual return tensioners.

  • Piston overstroke prevention
  • Piston stroke indication Compatible with MRT tensioner range
  • Unique quick-release bridge adaptation
  • Piston/cylinder misalignment compensation
  • Bolt coverage from 3/4″ to 4″ (20 – 115 mm) with just 8 tools
  • Designed to fit BS1560/ANSI B16.5/API flanges
  • Fully enclosed load cell design eliminates entry of debris into piston retraction mechanism
  • Piston over-stroke eliminator to prevent over stroking and blowing a seal
  • Twin hydraulic couplings for multiple tool connections
  • Requires stud to protrude above nut by 1 x bolt diameter
  • Application-specific tooling available. Contact factory for details. 10 mm piston stroke
  • Max tool pressure: 21,750 psi (1,500 bar) Bolt protrusion above nut: 1 x bolt diameter (minimum)

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