Power Team PG30/PG55 Series

Gasoline power ideal for remote locations.  A logical choice at work sites where electricity or compressed air are unavailable. For single or double-acting cylinders at operating pressures up to 10,000 psi.  All gasoline engine/hydraulic pumps feature Posi-Check® valve to guard against pressure loss when valve is shifted from “advance” to “hold.”

PG303 and PG304 (Up to 75 Ton)

  • Powered by a 4-cycle, 2 hp Honda engine giving it the lowest weight to horsepower ratio of all gasoline driven pumps.
  • Has an aluminum reservoir with 375 cu. in. of usable oil.
  • PG30 series pumps are equipped with roll cages to protect pump from damage.
  • PG303 is for single-acting cylinders, has a 9520 valve with separate internal return line which allows oil from running pump to return to reservoir, independently of cylinder return oil, when valve is in “return” position.
  • PG304 is for double-acting cylinders, has a 9506 4-way (tandem center) valve.

PG553 and PG554 (Up to 150 Ton)

  • 6 hp Intek “Diamond Edge” 4-cycle, by Briggs & Stratton.
  • 5 gallon reservoir.
  • PG553 has a 9520 3-way valve for single-acting cylinders.
  • PG554 has a 9506 4-way valve for double-acting cylinders.
  • Optional roll cage available.

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