Power Team HNS Series


Hydraulic nut splitter will deliver enough force to split the toughest fused or rusted-on grade 2H nuts. “dial-in” feature on HNS150 makes adjustment of splitter simple, without the worry of damaging the bolt specially designed “tool steel” cutter blade penetrates the nut to the precise point where it cracks, stopping short of the bolt threads nut splitter features a dramatically improved cutter blade with an 800% greater resistance to chipping and breaking over previous models all models feature a rugged one-piece cutting frame coupled to a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder compact size allows you to use it in confined areas where it will delivers enough force to split the toughest “fused” or rusted-on grade 2H nuts simply split nut on one side, spin nut splitter 1/2 turn and make second cut on opposite side; nut separates into halves for easy removal uses a standard 3/8″ high flow coupler.

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