Power Team Crimpers



  • C-shaped head with 180º rotation for ease of accessibility
  • Trigger release handle

One of the most important products we have developed and marketed is the 12-Ton Series Tool. When we developed the 12-Ton Compression Tool more than 40 years ago, it became one of the first in a long line of technological breakthroughs in highpressure hydraulics.

Compression Tools for U- or Shell-Type Dies

  • Two-Speed pump for rapid ram advance*
  • High-strength fiberglass handles
  • C-shaped head with 360º rotation for ease of accessibility**
  • Capactiy for all U- or shell-type dies
  • Twist handle release
  • High-Pressure safety relief valve
  • Push-button system for ease of die insertion and removal
  • With carrying bag

The proof of the success of the HHT Series Tool is evident since competitors, both foreign and domestic, have copied features and designed their tools to imitate ours. We continue to set the standard of the industry with durable, long-lasting hand and remote tools.