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Power Team Inflatable Jacks

The non-skid space-age reinforced Power Team inflatable jack is perfect for a number of applications. Uninflated jacks are less than 1″ (25,4 mm) thick, making lifting tasks in small spaces seem routine. Constructed of non-conducting, high-quality rubber material with multi-layer aramid fiber reinforcement, samples of the inflatable jacks are pressure tested to 20 bar and cycle tested (10,000 inflate / deflate cycles at 8 bar for 10,000 inflate / deflate cycles). The controller, shut-off and air hoses are all equipped with an industrial interchange style quick disconnect air coupler. Female half coupler bodies have a locking collar to help the operator avoid accidentally disconnecting the jack while under load. The top and bottom surface of the jack has a skid-resistant, interlocking pattern to assist in alignment of two jacks being used together. Single jack controller with “dead man” control (part number 350090) can be used individually or in multiples to regulate the number of jacks desired. Heavy attachment handles are provided on the two largest jacks for attachment of a rope or hook to help in positioning the jack. Inflation hose system is color-coded (red and yellow) for easy recognition when using more than one jack. The jacks can be used at ambient temperatures of -20°c (-4°f) to + 50°c (+ 122°f).

Inspect before and after each use. Replace if any signs of degradation or wear that may affect safety or performance. Keep the product clean. Store properly.

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