Hyflow Pneumatic/Air Power Pack

The Hyflow Air Pneumatic Power Pack is a super high-flow, 700 cu. in. heavy duty power pump pack used for hydraulic torque tools and for all 10,000 PSI equipment. This Power Pack is supplied with built in air filter/ lubricator and has a reservoir of 4.4 liters (also available with a 7.75 liter reservoir).

Max Pressure:10,000 PSI/ 700 bar

Max Flow: 770 cu. in.

Weight without oil: 46 lbs/21 kg

Dimensions: A/B/C: 20/11/16″




The Hyflow Air Pneumatic Power Pack is convertible to a 2 tool system as shown in the image to assure parallel joint closure faster.

The Hyflow Air comes complete with all gauges and filter, a 15′ pre-oil filled twin line hydraulic hose.


  • Super high-flow 770-cu. in. heavy duty Power Pack
  • 7.75-liter reservoir and 4-port manifold
  • Designed for use with TORC hydraulic torque tools and all 10,000 PSI equipment
  • Built-in air filter and lubricator
  • Includes standard 15-ft. (5m) hose