Heavy Duty TTZ Pancake Low Clearance Series- Hydraulic Torque Wrench Kits for Industry

This heavy duty industry kit includes your choice of our TTZ-8, TTZ-14, TTZ-20 or a custom order of our TTZ-30. With your desired TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench comes a 7.75 Liter Reservoir Twin Electric or Twin Air Super High Flow 1200 CU inch heavy duty pump. For easy mobility, these pumps come equipped with wheels. For added safety, a large safety handle is featured for your TTZ Torque Wrench.

Also included in this kit is a 15′ pre-oil filled twin line hydraulic hose and 2 gallons of hydraulic oil.

With the TTZ’s maximum torque ranges of 8,308 ft-lbs- 36,777 ft. lbs, this provides torquing power for all your needs.

Industries which this kit can impact:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Military
  • Shipbuilding
  • & General Maintenance

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TTZ Pancake Low Clearance Torque Wrench


  • TTZ- 8:  Hex: 2″- 3-7/8″ Torque: 1,202 – 8,308 ft. lbs. Radius: .72″ Weight 11.90 lbs. L1: 11.62″ L2: 8.60″ H1: 6.53″ H2: 1.68″ W1: 2.10″ W2: 1.89″
  • TTZ-14: Hex: 2-3/4″ – 4-5/8″ Torque: 2,062 – 14,576 ft. lbs. Radius: .73″ Weight 19.30 lbs. L1: 13.88″ L2: 10.52″ H1: 8.04″ H2: 1.68″ W1: 2.50″ W2: 2.36″
  • TTZ-20: Hex: 3-1/6″ – 5-3/8″ Torque: 3,080 – 21,891 ft. lbs. Radius: .92″ Weight 25.00 lbs. L1: 14.82″ L2: 10.93″ H1: 8.87″ H2: 1.815″ W1: 3.00″ W2: 2.89″
  • Slim design allows tool to fit where a square drive tool can’t
  • Multi-position hose couplers prevents hose interference on all jobs
  • Simply connect hex links for quick and easy hex size changes

Twin Electric/Air

AMG Hyflow Twin

The Hyflow “Twin” Air Pneumatic and Electric Power Packs are super high-flow, 1,500/1,200 cu. in. heavy duty power pump packs used for hydraulic torque tools and for all 10,000 PSI equipment. These Power Packs are supplied with built in air filter/ lubricator and have a reservoir of 7.75 liter reservoir.

*Kit can also be paired with a Hyflow Electric/ Air Power Pack

Max Pressure:10,000 PSI/ 700 bar

Max Flow: 1,500 cu. in. | 1,200 cu. in. (at 60 Hz), 1,000 cu. in. (at 50 Hz)

Weight without oil: 98 lbs/44 kg | 130 lbs/60 kg

Dimensions: A/B/C: 20/16/17″ | 19/15/23″

Safety Handles

TTZ- 4 With Safety Handle

TTZ- 4 With Safety Handle

  • Added safety and convenience comes with every purchase from AMG Bolting Solutions via safety handles.
  • For all Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: Pancake and Square
  • Standard and customized solutions for every type of application.

Hydraulic Hose

  • Keeps hydraulic system running cooler and less subject to failure allowing long-term usage and reliability
  • 53″ o.d. on 1/4″ i.d. hose
  • .44 lb-ft twin line hose stands up to heavy usage
  • 10,000 PSI on a 4:1 safety
  • Two high strength  steel spiral wraps for quick tool reaction (9.1 internal expansion at 10,000 PSI) Anti-lock tools with no need for an anti-jam