What to expect from your hydraulic torque wrench supplier

Of course we are a bit biased — we believe AMG Bolting Solutions is the number one hydraulic torque wrench supplier in the world; at least we are striving to be.

To save you time I will tell you up fast, people want:

  • A supplier who offers American, English, and German made torque/ tension products.
  • A supplier who sells high quality bolting equipment at fair prices.
  • A supplier who answers phone calls.
  • A supplier who can easily be found on mobile and web searches.
  • A supplier who does not hide behind RFQ for pricing.
  • A supplier who does not gate common information on its website.
  • A supplier who is honest, even, when, it means the competitor will get the sell.
  • A supplier who goes the extra mile to improve in areas they are weak.
  • A supplier who listens in traditional and digital worlds.

Why I am writing about the expectations you should have from your hydraulic torque wrench supplier

Let me start by stating, that what follows is a true story that lead to the writing of this article.In advance, I wish to apologize to anyone who has ever conducted a supplier for a hydraulic torque wrench supplier, and has gone through what Justin — the person in our story has gone though.

In the time which has passed since 2012, when Alan Gross first founded the company, we have seen many strange things in the bolting community, and have heard even weirder one from your clients, manufacturers, vendors, and even competitive suppliers.

As a small business, sometimes cash-flow dictates a focus on new sales and prospect nurturing, however, as the Marketing Director of the company, it is also my responsibilities to follow-up with existing clients — like I did recently with Justin from Touchstone.

He was not only looking for a great price on an American made hydraulic torque wrench, and possibly pneumatic impact wrench-like products, but, a website that would list the price of the torque / tension tools he wanted.

If he had any questions, he wanted a human-being standing-by to respond to his questions quickly.

He wanted someone to follow-up during and after a sale.

And, perhaps most importantly he want to feel like his hydraulic torque supplier really wanted to add-value to the relationship.

Like many other prospects and clients, Justin turned to a search engine to look for “Hydraulic Torque Wrench Suppliers”.

What he found was confusion and frustration… – again I apologize — here is why:

hydraulic torque wrench supplier - AMG Bolting Solutions

  • Two of the the first 4 listing were not relevant to his search query.

That is, Rapid Torc is a hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer who could lead you to its supplier, but, not what Justin wanted.

And, if you visit the Anti-bus website you will discover they sell measurement tools for torque and calibration systems, but, do not offer hydraulic and pneumatic tools for sale. [They would be wise to add a few “negative” keywords to their Adwords campaigns].

  • The other two still did not provide want he wanted.

Turns out, Justin was looking for an affordable hydraulic torque wrench. One that is made in the United States, was in stock, ready for shipping, and listed with ready to buy pricing.

Thomas Net delivered a list of hydraulic torque wrench suppliers, which at least was relevant to his inquiry on Google’s search engine.

And, fortunately for AMG Bolting Solutions our top competitor Aztec bolting’s website asked him to request a quote.

If you have not firgured it out yet, I am apologizing for focusing so hard on keywords phrases like “hydraulic torque wrench for sale“, that I did not have the foresight to target this one, which could have caused a prospect at the time to potentially shop elsewhere, like eBay.

4 hydraulic torque wrench manufacturers and Alibaba

As Justin scrolled down to find his other search options he found…

  • 4 out the next 5 searches where American manufactures of hydraulic torque wrenches, but, he inquiries about suppliers.

Yes, one of the manufacturer he ran across was our own TORC, LLC.

While AMG Bolting Solutions are proud supplier of hydraulic bolting equipment for them and offer manufacturer direct pricing for them, the reality is the TORC website does not disclose the type of information Justin was looking for.

Heck, the TORC site does not even feature an event blog, or link to where to buy their tools.

hydraulic torque wrench suppliers - AMG Bolting Solutions

  • Google images of hydraulic torque wrenches and Alibaba.

The images are nice and could have potentially redirected Justin’s thinking.

The listing for hydraulic torque wrench suppliers on Alibaba, however, did not meet his requirement for “American”.

In fairness to Google, Justin did not type the specifics he wanted — “American Hydraulic Torque Wrench Supplier” into the search engine dialog box, or his result might have been better.

As you can see below, Justin’s search results seemed the get worst.

hydraulic torque wrench rental - AMG Bolting Solutions

Typically, at this point most people conducting this search would either quit, or, re-phase their search query.

In fact, according to Search Engine Watch, an independent study showed 33% of search traffic goes to page #1, while page # 2 get only 17%.

Fortunately, for AMG Bolting Solutions — there we where when Justin found our mobile responsive website.

cheap hydraulic torque wrench price list best buy

Speaking to Justin, has helped us serve him, and others better in the future. You have added his search term to our focus list, and have implemented several other suggestions he made which we will not reveal for reasons of competitive advantage.

In a few months, our company President is going to personally meet him. And, well — here I am letting him know — we are listening.

Should you have a hydraulic torque wrench, power pump pack, bolt tensioner, or pneumatic tension / torcgun supplier who is not just meeting, but, exceeding your demands — great.

But, if you are looking for more out of your bolting equipment supplier, please give us a chance to wow you, just like we are doing for Justin — after he found our content on Google that is.

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