MODEL TTP-100-AMG: Torc Single Speed TTP Pneumatic TorcGun Wrench

TTP single Speed torque gun wrench - Jetyd JGun alternative - Torcgun - AMG bolting solutions


  • Accurate torque with extra low [dB level] noise and soft vibration
  • Maximum torque achieved at only 90 psi
  • Extensions available for job specific applications
  • Made from lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy metals
  • Precision gearing produces constant, calibrated tightening power
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio of any comparable product
  • Compatible with HYTORC Washer™ and HYTORC Nut™
  • Stretch-to-load fastening systems for maximum bolt load accuracy
  • Splined reaction area allows for the use of custom reaction fixtures
  • Serve as an alternative to HyTorc JetYD JGun

Included with every Torc TTP Pneumatic TorcGun order is the FRL power pump.

Filter, Regulator and Lubrication Unit.

For use with all torque guns.

Optional Silencer Unit to reduce operational noise by 35%, down to a very low 70-75 Db.