Twin HighFlow 115v/230v Hydraulic Power Pump

It is one of the fastest power-packs available.


Known what is better than a Highflow 115V/230V?

A Twin Highflow 115V/230V.

2-in-1 is always better.

The Twin Highflow is similar to Hytorc’s Twin Hyflow electric powered hydraulic torque power pack.

Twin HighFlow 115v/230v Hydraulic Power Pump is a German engineered hydraulic power pack that is widely known for its great dual speed.

The Twin HighFlow 115v/230v Hydraulic Power Pump has a 7.75 liter reservoir and 4 port manifold that assures parallel joint closure faster with less passes from a safe distance.

Every hydraulic torque power pack sold by AMG Bolting Solutions comes fully equipped with everything you see, plus:

  • (1) Gallon of Hydraulic Oil.
  • (1) 15′ Hydraulic Hose which is already filled with Hydraulic Oil.
  • FREE domestic USA shipping, this including to international freight forwarder locations with the United States.



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