TTS-10 Square Hydraulic Torque Wrench System

TTS Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrench

  • High strength metal for performance and reliability
  • 360-degree rotatable reaction arm for perfect fit on many jobs
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Most used hydraulic torque wrench in the world


TTS Hydraulic Torc Square Drive Wrench

The TTS is the world’s best-selling industrial bolting system with over one hundred thousand in use around the world. The signature orange and black housing has represented quality, durability and reliability on job sites in every major industry. From the tallest roller coasters to the world’s largest bridges, the TTS has the power to get the job done.

The TTS was the first tool in the industry to feature the lock-up release lever that allows you to release pressure after torqueing for easy removal.

The TTS series pioneered this new system for more powerful breakout and faster tightening. The secondary pawl inside the tool prevents the ratchet from turning opposite of the direction it is being driven.

The TTS series provides the proven reliability of the TTS design with advanced materials used to increase lifespan further for extreme usage. The TTS tools come with a 5 year no-questions warranty