Tubular Heat Exchangers



Tubular Heat Exchangers are an indirect method of heat transfer consisting of tubes inside of tubes. There are many possible configurations of tubular heat exchangers, including double tube, triple tube, quadruple tube and multitube. Tubular heat exchangers are used in medium viscosity applications that may or may not contain particles and where fouling is not likely to occur. Their applications include beverages, drinking yogurts, vegetable purees, sauces, etc. with a variety of processes such as heating, cooling, pasteurization, sterilization, melting, and condensing.

Double Tube Tubular Heat Exchangers consist of two concentrically positioned tubes. The product flows inside the inner tube and the media/service fluid flows through the annular space between the inner and outer tubes. Triple Tube Tubular Heat Exchangers consist of three concentrically positioned tubes, with the product flowing through the annular space between the inner-most and outer-most tubes. Quadruple Tube Tubular Heat Exchangers feature four concentrically positioned tubes, with product flowing in the annular space between the second and third tubes. Multitube Tubular Heat Exchangers have several smaller diameter tubes aligned in parallel within a larger diameter outer shell. The product flows through the smaller diameter tubes.