Dual Speed TTP Pneumatic TorcGun Wrench

For fast run down and powerful torque capability, the Dual Speed TTP TorcGun Series is the industry’s most reliable choice.

 TTP Dual Speed Pneumatic Torque Wrench - Hytorc JGun Alternative


The Dual Speed TTP Pneumatic TorcGun Wrench is the only pneumatic multiplier that gives you the flexibility to use it for rundown, final torque and heavy duty breakout.

A simple twist of the collar switches the tool from high speed rundown mode into the max power mode with adjustable torque so you can choose the right output for your job.

TTP TorcGun Dual Speed - Amg Bolting Solutions - Hytorc Alternative


This robust tool eliminates the need for multiple systems making training simpler and reducing the chance for operator error. When multiple systems are used to assemble a bolted joint there is more chance for operator error.

The TTP Dual Speed TorcGun wrench makes the job simpler by giving operators one easy to use system that can be used from start to finish.


TTP Dual Speed Torque Wrench