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Thank you for visiting AMGBoltingSolutions.com for your fastener tool repair and/or replacement part service.

As highlighted in industry publications and in our article titled “5 Hidden Truths About Your Hydraulic Bolting Tools” the companies we distribute products for offer superior service and warranty programs.

In particular, we focus heavily on the industry leading 13-month FREE replacement part program offered by TORC, llc and our partnership with Enerpac bolting service centers to deliver the best solutions for your overnight Hydraulic Torque Wrench tool replacement needs, and bolting tool replacement part service.

How Overnight Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tool Replacement Works

Simply fill-out the form below and we will get you up and running in no time with our Overnight Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tool Replacement Program, or, we will assign you to your nearest industrial bolting service center.



Should you have any other questions and do not wish to fill-out a form — no problem, a LIVE human is available at: (800) 709-2930 to address all your Overnight Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tool and/or Replacement Part emergency needs.


What if I purchased a a leading torque tool manufacturer hydraulic torque wrench or other brand bolting tool?

Regardless of the tool you have purchased we are here to help you get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We have pursued and continue to strive toward building the largest bolting service and repair network online.  Simply fill-out the form above, and we will be our best to connect your with the more ideal service solution possible.

If you are having a difficult situation with a bolting application, and AMG Bolting Solutions has also partnered with Bolting Science to deliver top-rated consulting for all industrial fastening challenges.

Does AMG offer overnight hydraulic torque wrench tool replacement part (s) for a leading torque tool manufacturer torque wrenches and other bolting tool brands?

We have exclusivity commitments to Torc, LLC and Enerpac for certain products, however, many of our partnered hydraulic torque wrench and industrial tool repair partners carry replacement parts for other hydraulic torque wrench and power pack brands.

Simply fill out the form above, and we will connect you with the best option available to you.

How can I get my hydraulic service center listed with AMG Bolting Solution?

If you are a certified service center, contact us about how to become a part of our Overnight Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tool Replacement Program and/or a TORC tools and replacement part distributor.