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Years ago when you wanted to find an industrial bolting tool supplier you would either open the Yellow Pages, or an industry related directory, like the Ultimate Oil Field Guide.

Today, things have dramatically changed. You turn to Google, typically on your smartphone, and you search either in general terms like “industrial bolting supplier”, or more specific like ” best hydraulic torque wrench supplier in [ insert your city here ]”.

While Google delivers nearly perfect results for common things people look for like restaurants, manufacturers, and realtors — it remains a little suspect at segmenting a niche tool manufacturer from it suppliers and distributors.

If you work as a manufacturer’s representative in a specific territory and have all the lead pass through you, then this Google hiccup does not really impact your bottom line.

However, if you are an independent sales representative offering manufacturer direct pricing, like AMG Bolting Solutions. Then, the rankings are critical.

I first noticed this search results issue when I wrote an article title “What to expect from your hydraulic torque supplier“.

Since this article was written there has been a shake-up in the Google algorithm, resulting in ranking movement amongst the manufacturers — with two supplier directories making the list within the top 7 results.

Here’s a look at the new organic rankings for the search queryhydraulic torque supplier” as of August 2015:

Hydraulic torque wrench suppliers - Where to buy Torc wrenches

At the top of the list is the hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer we sell industrial bolting tools directly for … Torc, LLc.

Interestingly enough, Torc, LLc (#1) and TorcUp (#3) are a division of Hytorc (#7).

At (#2), we find, which showcases AMG Bolting Solutions as a hydraulic torque wrench supplier and industrial bolting resource.

Position (#4) is a very interesting company. BMF Torque, owned and operated by Frank Neil appears to be an older CNC machinist of hydraulic torque equipment in California. While their website is not mobile-friendly and dated, and the phone seems to rings 23 times before an answering machine kicks,

Google still seems to think that longevity deserves to be rewarded.

Rapid Torc, a torque tool manufacturer which was recently acquired by Altas Copco sits at (#5), leaving Alibaba at (#6).

While some will argue that AMG Bolting Solutions is just complaining, honestly we are not.

Would we appreciate a backlink from our own manufacturers and its sister companies for whom we running great branding events, like MFG Day?

— Of course, but, odds are those will never come.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a manufacturer direct hydraulic torque wrench supplier there are two ways to get your Google results to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

1) Consider searching with modifiers

For example, copy and paste the following into a Google browser – “Hydraulic+Torque+Wrench+Supplier”

find hydraulic torque wrench supplier

Notice, all the manufacturers are eliminated. This is because we are telling Google to search for these four words together.

Granted, the supplier listing directories are highest ranked, but, this is not a credit to their link building abilities as much as it is their brand recognition from being around a long time.

As Google continues to improve its algorithm we will start see more bizzare rankings for niche terms, but, in time, we know they’ll get it right.

2) Modify your search by searching for us. ( Sorry, shameless plug : )

For example, copy and paste the following into a Google browser – AMG Bolting Solutions.

While their are plenty of high quality torque tool suppliers around, we believe we are the best.


Because, we are all about you.

We listen, and get you the exact tools you need, not want we want to sell you.

We offer the best prices on hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic torque wrench, hydraulic pump power packs, industrial bolting tool accessories, custom specialty fasteners, and a whole lot more.

We love watching after our Google rankings, but, we love serving you 10 times more.

So, the next time you are looking for a controlled tightening equipment supplier, or industrial bolting tool expert.

Remember, the only name you need to know in fastening… AMG Bolting Solutions

Your hydraulic torque wrench supplier and much more!


REVISED April 26, 2016

Thank you Google. Obviously you read the article, because as of today the top four ranks for the keyword “hydraulic torque wrench supplier” looks like this:

Hydraulic torque wrench suppliers - Where to buy Torc wrenches





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