Frequently Asked Questions



1. All of our products are competitively priced at 30% to 40% less than our competitors.

2. We offer free shipping on all orders in the U.S. and we also offer excellent international shipping rates.

3. We offer an industry-leading, 13-month warranty against failure on all products.

4. Torc, our manufacturer, has more than 30 years experience manufacturing torque wrenches for some of the most renowned torque wrench companies in the industry. “Torquing You Can Trust”

5. Hydraulic torque wrenches that are built in the USA.

6. Our wrenches are made with highest quality alloys for durability and longevity.

7. 300,000 psi tensile strength square drive.

8. Low-weight hydraulic power packs, like our Dynamic Power Pack, weighs in at 27lbs.

9. Our limited-clearance wrenches will fit anywhere a square drive tool will not and they have a slim design for a universal fit.

10. All Torc products offer an efficient mechanical design for simple and inexpensive repairs of internal mechanics.

11. All square-drive wrenches come with a 360 degree fine-spline adjustable reaction arm.

12. Free replacement tool sent out immediately due to any failure of a wrench or power pack during your 13 month warranty.

13. Industry recommends calibration every 12 months, during this time Torc offers customers to do a complete run through of the tool which includes a thorough cleaning, changing of the seals, and screws for less than our competitor rates.