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Mechanical Hydraulic Bolting Tools

AMG Bolting Solutions is a manufacturer direct supplier of a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic bolting equipment. Bolting tools offered by AMG Bolting Solutions provide precise and effective force to ensure your industrial jobs are more productive, safer, and easier to perform than ever thought possible.

Affordable mechanical hydraulic

Bolting Tools for sale

We offer torque and tension industrial bolting equipment ranging from Equalizer joint assembly tools to TORC controlled tightening equipment to Germany engineered torque wrench pumps, Speed Space International bolting equipment storage to Hytorc tool accessories.

In other words, AMG Bolting Solutions offers the best-suited bolting equipment need to successful complete industrial projects.

Best of all, your mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic bolting tools are available from one original source, AMG Bolting Solutions.

Joint Assembly Tools

Controlled Tightening Tools

Joint Separation Tools

Bolting Pump PacKs

Standard Tools Available for immediate delivery!

The torque wrenches, bolt tensioning systems, power pumps, hydraulic hoses, tightening tool fittings and fastener equipment accessories we supply are exported across the global for use in various industrial applications.

We also offer a fast turnaround on the custom design and manufacture of special mechanical hydraulic bolting tools.

AMG Means Proven Value

What Our Customers Say

TTX Hydraulic Customer

It’s been a real pleasure working with AMG. Great prices and service.
Alan goes above and beyond.

TTP Pneumatic Customer

Wow. It looks, works, and performs
like a JGun, but at almost half the price.
Thanks AMG!

TTZ Hydraulic Customer

I’m impressed. I love my “pancake”,
she gets the job done as good as my Hytorc,
but at a better price.

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