Pneumatics Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic torque wrenches provide a very simple to use solution for tough bolting jobs. The TTP series is the most simple and straightforward of the pneumatic torque gun line.

These are the most reliable, dependable, high quality American made pneumatic torque wrenches you will find at prices that simply can not be matched.

Any job, big or small:TTP Dual Speed Torque Wrench - Jgun TorcGun Torc AMG bolting solutions

  • Wheel Nuts
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Engine Head Bolts
  • Heavy Vehicle Production
  • And, many more jobs


The Dual Speed TTP pneumatic TorcGun wrench is the only pneumatic multiplier that gives you the flexibility to use it for rundown, final torque, and heavy duty breakout.

Just a simple twist of the collar switches the tool from high speed rundown mode into the max power mode with adjustable torque to choose the right output for your job.

Effectively eliminating the need for multiple systems

  • Makes training simpler
  • Reduces the chance of operator error
  • Gives operators one easy to use system from start to finish

pneumatic power pump FRL unit for Torc TTP TorcGun - AMG - Hytorc - JetYD JGunEvery TTP order will include the FRL Unit; Filter, Regulator, and Lubrication Unit used with all torque guns. Optional silencer unit to reduce the operational noise by up to 35%, which brings down the sound level to a very low 70-75 Db.

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