About AMG Bolting Solutions

What makes AMG Bolting Solutions So Special?

AMG Bolting Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of complete turnkey bolting solutions. We proudly support the Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Wind Energy, Railway, Heavy Equipment, Off Shore and Pipeline Industries.

At AMG Bolting we carry the highest quality lines of durable and lightweight bolting tools and equipment including hydraulic torque tools, torque tool accessories, and complimentary bolting products available.

We have over 25 years of proud selling experience, and we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our customer’s bolting and service expectations.

Our mission at AMG is to provide the very best bolting solutions at more affordable prices to save our customers significant time and money.  Please call or email now for a product demo or a quote. We look forward to earning your business.

Bolting Solutions & Related Products

Our line of products are manufactured by one of the best manufactures in the bolting industry.  They have even manufactured products for some of the most well known Torque Wrench Companies in the world and our products provide our customers with one of the lowest failure rates, which will save you time and money. The product lines distributed at AMG Bolting Solutions offers quality, durability, and a highly competitive price structure.

All of the hydraulic torque wrenches that we display are manufactured in one of the most state of the art machining facilities, located in USA. Investing in affordable hydraulic torque wrenches from that are Made In The USA ensures durability as well as productivity.

AMG Bolting Solutions is proud to represent the very best manufacturing companies within the Bolting Industry. One of our manufacturing lines took the complexity out of hydraulic torque wrenches, reduced their weight, size, and improved their job-performance and reliability by using of the highest quality alloys and proven internal components which are typically found in tools double the cost.


Warranty of Bolting Tools

Here at AMG Bolting Solutions, our warranty exceeds any other industry standards you may come across. All of the tools and power pumps that we distribute are guaranteed with a 13 month warranty.

This extended warranty offers our customers free repair and a free replacement tool upon any tool failure.  Our 13 month warranty offers no hassle and no questions during the warranty period.