5 Types of Bolt Tightening Tools Used On Wind Turbines

When fastening the nacelle, turbine foundation bolts, yew, and other parts of a wind turbine various torquing methods and preferences exist based on bolt size, application purpose, and standards set at the location where the engineering of wind power is taking place.

For this purpose, we have written this post to lightly discuss the …

Bolt Tightening Tools Used On Wind Turbines

Electric Torque Wrench

An electric torque wrench is also known as a gearbox. This gearbox has the power to help the user with an electric torque wrench. This torque wrench has the capabilities to operate anywhere from 110 to 220 volts. The torque output can be adjusted by the voltage itself. You may find that the torque wrench is often confused with the impact wrench, but both are completely different tools.


Impact Torque Wrench

An impact torque wrench can deliver a fast torque. A good impact torque wrench can actually deliver up to 700 pounds or more of torqueing. It is said that an impact torque wrench is a good tool to have on hand because of its accuracy. Consistency is also a big thing when you’re using an impact torque wrench, and you may actually be able to get the job done faster. Looking at the prices on an impact torque wrench, you may be looking at paying a little more to get one in your hands.


Bolt Tensioner

Curious about what bolt tensioning is? Bolt tensioning is the stretching of a bolts stud. There are several different tools you can use to tighten and loosen the bolts. However, the only tool that will stretch the bolts of the studs is a hydraulic bolt tensioner. A hydraulic bolt tensioner makes it easier to stretch the stud and is preferred over the usage of a hydraulic torque wrench by some. Basically, you get a consistent bolt stretch by using a hydraulic bolt tensioner.


Hydraulic Torque Wrench

A hydraulic torque wrench is tool one uses for the application of torque to an industrial fastener. A hydraulic torque wrench is simple to use because it can be applied right to the nut. Hydraulic torque wrenches have the power to be controlled when adding torque to the fastener.


Pneumatic Torque Wrench

A Pneumatic Torque Wrench is a gearbox that works with an air motor. Some of the best Pneumatic Torque Wrench allow up to 10,500 pounds of torque, sometimes more! They can come with high speeds, lightweight, and easy to use. Out of all of the torque wrenches out there, this can be one of the easiest to handle.