13 Ways to Increase Your Productivity in Your Manufacturing Business

It’s a competitive market out there, and the best chance you have at winning the race is increasing your productivity. Increasing your productivity is a vital component in increasing profits and staying up with the big dogs.

Here are 13 ways to increase your productivity in your manufacturing business!

Keep up on your Maintenance: It is much more expensive to replace and entire machine than it is to keep up on your maintenance. Not only is it expensive to replace machinery, but for every moment of downtime, you lose money. Keeping up on the maintenance of your machinery means less down time and more profits.

Replace Old Machinery: As the competition changes, so do the machines. Out of date machinery can slow down your production process and make it harder to keep up with competitors. Replace the old with the new whenever possible.

Consider New Technology: In the age of Digital Natives, technology is a must. Stay up to date on new technologies that can enhance handling and processing more efficiently and effectively.

Consider Changing Your Warehouse Layout: Look at ways to reduce travel time throughout the warehouse, limit problems, and confusion. If you need a new layout, take the time to do it.

Know Your Inventory: When it comes to production, not having what you need can slow you and your employees down. Keep a good inventory on what you have and what you need.

Collaborate with Your Employees: Let’s face it; your employees are the ones on the floor making everything happen. Collaborate with them to find out what could make their job easier, faster, and more efficient.

Make Sure Orders Are Complete Before Reaching the Package Department: You don’t want your packages spending time packing half orders, searching for missing products in orders, and wasting time tracking stuff down. Ensure orders are complete before they get to the packaging department.

Implement a Process for Loading and Unloading: Find a central location that makes it easier to load and unload product.

Use Up to Date Software: As with technology, using up to date software ensure you know where everything is, how long it is taking, and are able to determine reasonable expectations for your employees.

Track Your Efficiency Rate: Track what is going on in your warehouse. Are things being done efficiently? If not, find out why and fix the problem before it affects your profits.

Invest in Your Employees: Your employees are the backbone of the operation. If they don’t know what they are doing, your production will suffer. Invest in continued education for your employees and regular training for specialists.

Set Realistic Expectations: Two men cannot do the job of 10. That is just unrealistic. Ensure what you are expecting to get done is realistic to what your employees can safely do

Stay Organized: Organization is key to running any business smoothly. If you want your workers to maintain a productive workflow, it is important to make sure you are organized as well.

What are some other ways you increase productivity? Share your tips in the comments below!