Avoid “Busted Knuckles” Use a TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Busted Knuckles is a common term used by heavy industry workers that use large heavy wrenches instead of hydraulic torch wrenches. Use Bolt Tensioners or Hydraulic Torque Wrenches to avoid busted knuckles
This is easily avoidable with the right tools.

Do you work in an environment that requires you to tighten and loosen large, heavy nuts?

If so, then the term “busted knuckles” is common to you.

For years, you have accepted the fact that battered hands are a natural part of doing the grunt work and earning a good living.

But, seriously — is it worth it. What happens when your hands are so beat-up and tired that you cannot use them for anything?

What’s that?

You wear gloves to minimize the potential of getting busted knuckles while wrenching.

Great, you obviously have safety in mind, but, while wearing safety gloves is certainly a step in the right direction your hands are still impacted by ratcheting and loosening large heavy nuts.

And, if you are doing the job with a manual wrench kit while wearing safety gloves odds are that you will experience blisters and callouses on your hands.

Wearing gloves good. Carrying heavy wrenches on a tool belt, not so much.



Now, if your hands are not enough of a concern to you,”how is your back holding up“?

Those aches and pains are another common feature of the job you love to do so well.

The question is can you do it without the back pain, hernia causing exertions, and mutilated hands…

The answer of course is “YES!”

"It's just part of the job". But, why?
“It’s just part of the job”… But, why?

By using either a hydraulic torque  wrench, or a bolt tensioner you can safely and easily tighten and remove large bolts and nuts as needed.

We are working on a guide to knowing which tool to use and when, but, for today, I would like to introduce you to a new way of getting the job you love done right with the simplification of one tool.


The new and improved Low Clearance / Limited Profile TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench.

The TTZ limited clearance bolting tools is specifically designed for installing and removing large bolts having minimal wrench clearance at offshore platforms, power plants, steel erection sites and other locations requiring precise high torque during bolt makeup and maximum torque for bolt breakdown.

We took the complexity out of hydraulic torque wrenches, reduced their weight and size and improved their job-performance and reliability by use of the strongest alloys and a proven mechanism only found in tools many times the cost.

Watch TTZ Demo : This video will show you how to correctly and safely use the TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench. If you prefer to read, we have provided a simple 5 step instructions scroll to the bottom of this article.

Alternatives To Heavy Large Wrenches TTZ Safety
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Glenn Tremblett

How To Safely Use Your TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Above is a brief safety video. If you prefer to read the safe and proper usage details of the TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench, please continue to read.

5 Easy and Safe Steps To Fastening and Loosing Oversized Nuts. 

Step 1: Always ensure the two hoses [specifically designed for withstanding hydraulic pressure] are securely fastnered to the TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench unit.

Step 2: Make 100% certain the “Hexlink” is secure by completely inserting the safety pin [included with your TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench unit when purchased].

Step 3: Set your pump to the recommend proper pressure needed to accomplish the job most efficiently. [Need A Torque Calculator? Click Here >>> ]

Step 4: Place the TTZ Hydraulic Torque unit over the nut, and once affixed ensure the reaction arm has a solid point to react off. [NOTE: Make certain the hose is clear from this set-up]

Step 5: Start the pump and the TTZ unit will begin to ratchet and gradually tighten the nut. [Reminder safety is the key, please keep your hands free and clear from the unit and hoses at all times when not making minor tilt adjustments, as seen on the video above.]

That is all there is to it. No busted knuckles, back-pain, or muscle pulls. Best of all you save time on the job too. By the way, one last tip.

When loosening a nut, simply turn the unit over to the other size, in fact, you’ll notice that each side of the TTZ hydraulic torch wrench is already labeled with the words “tighten” and “loosen”.

Simply make sure the action you want is facing upward toward you.


TTZ Hydraulic Torque WrenchTTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench Feature Include:

  • Multi-Postion Hose Coupler – Learn More >>>
  • Push Through Square Drive – Learn More >>>
  • Efficient Mechancial Design – Learn More >>>

Plus, the TTZ Hydraulic Torque Wrench is made from the highest quality alloys and is manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.


Download Dimension Spec Sheets >>>

If you have any question, comments, or concerns related to busted knuckles, or bolting — please, let us know.