5 Hidden Truths About Your Hydraulic Bolting Tools

What Makes Your Hydraulic Bolting Tools Unique?

Have you ever wondered why so many of the Hydraulic Bolting Tools you use in industry every day look similar? In fact, did you know some of your favorite Hydraulic Bolting Tools — [ the ones made in the USA with better quality than others and amazingly similar “unique” features ] are all manufactured by a small group of companies. Which may lead you to ask, why are the prices of these Hydraulic Bolting Tools all over the map?

Some of the Hydraulic Bolting Tools Industry’s most popular companies sell your favorite torque wrenches as an economic line, others sell it as a their ultimate and bold “bread and butter” hydraulic torque wrench tool. But, did you know that despite the countless numbers of hydraulic torque and bolting tool brands available, there are only a few brands which are directly sold by the manufacture that actually make them?

These facts, or shall we say “little known truths” have led to the writing of this blog post. Below are 5 hidden truths you need to know about your hydraulic bolting tools, especially before you buy a new one.


Hidden Truths #1 : Odds are your various brands of hydraulic bolting tools are all made by the same manufacturer.

AMT Machine Shop Torque Wrenches - Titani
PHOTO CREDIT: Arlington Machine and Tool Company.

The reason for this is that most of the better made Hydraulic Bolting Tools are either built by one of the most established hydraulic torque manufacturers, or an old-school CNC shop and then repackaged as a white-label product.

Here are two examples to prove my point:

  • (1) Titani company page actually talks about their relationship with Arlington Machine and tool company who have been around since 1963, when John Staudinger [pictured on left] started the company with $700 in his basement.
  • (2) For over 30 years, Torc has been the manufacturer of choice for many of the top Hydraulic Wrench companies in the bolting industry for the production of the wrenches they sell. Torc has taken that experience and is now delivering this same quality to you directly with hydraulic bolting tools like the TTX Square Drive tool and the TTZ Limited-Clearance.

With this thought in mind, it becomes clear most tools have an efficient design, while just a few have a genuinely customer-focused design. In other words, a CNC shop or manufacturer building a hydraulic torque wrench will add all the bells and whistles required to meet the specifications of their client, but, meeting the specification does not guarantee the practicality of the tool.


Hidden Truths #2 Hydraulic bolting tools with less moving parts equals greater durability

Hydraulic bolting tools, specifically torque wrenches while lighter in weight than a large industrial hand wrench can still be heavy. As a result, the design of these hydraulic bolting tools need to have a streamlined mechanical designs, utilizing fewer moving parts that afford ease of maintenance and better durability.

TTZ Low Clearance Torque Wrench - drawing of Hydraulic Bolting Tool fastener
Torc’s TTZ has many useful features, has only 3 moving parts, and is priced at 45% less than its equivalent competitor.


Manufacture brands like Torc have an advantage here, because they can build hydraulic torque wrenches that perform at a higher level, are great in quality, have few moving parts, and are actually more cost-effective.

Their tools do not have unnecessary extra features which are rarely used, and typically are more likely to break. For example, take a look at the TTZ Limited Low Clearance Wrench. This hydraulic torque wrench has many useful features, has only 3 moving parts, and is priced at 45% less than its equivalent competitor.


Hidden Truths #3 When you purchase a Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tool the warranty makes a difference.

If you are similar to the typical purchasing manager, often when shopping for a Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tool you tend to look at 3 things.

  • Price – Obviously, you are smart and want the best deal available.
  • Service – No doubt, you want reliable service for your tools.
  • Durability – Naturally, if you are going to make an investment in tools, you want them to last.
Q: What Hydraulic Torque Wrench Manufacture Offers An Industry Leading 13 Months Warranty?
A: Torc, LLC – distributed by AMG Bolting Solutions.

However, there is another component that does not get as much attention as it should. That is the product warranty. Here is why.

Most Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tool companies have 6 to 8 months full product warranty. However, most Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tools have individual components which typically last about 9 months – 12 months depending on usage and maintenance. That said, if most warranties are 6 to 8 months, then odds are your typical $6000+ Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tool will not be covered by the warranty when you need it most.

One of the many reasons why, AMG Bolting Solutions, prefers to distribute the Torc product line is that all of their Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tools are backed by an industry leading 13 months Warranty.

In addition, Torc Hydraulic Fasteners are the most cost-effective in all the industry, because they are distributed directly from the manufacturer. The one caveat is that Torc does not have repair service vehicles come to your worksite 2-4 days after you call in a service request like some of the larger manufacturers.

Of course, Torc does offer an alternative and faster solution. Within the 13-month warranty period your Hydraulic Bolt Fastener tool includes a FREE loaner tool with overnight shipment upon any failure. Furthermore, Torc’s distributor AMG Bolting Solutions offers free replacement parts online for customers within the terms of their warranty. For those outside of 13-months warranty period, hydraulic torque wrench parts are available at a low cost.

So, remember to compare price, tool replacement service, durability, and warranty policy before you make a finally buying decision.

Hidden Truths #4 Popularity doesn’t mean its the best.

For one moment lets change the topic from Hydraulic Bolting Tools to insurance companies. If I were to say to you the names “State Farm, All-State, Progressive, and Geico” I imagine that unless you live under a rock you have heard the names of at least three of these companies. Now, if I say the names “Erie, Foremost, and Safeco” odds are other than “Safeco Field” most people reading this would not know these companies.

STAFDA - 5 Hidden Truths About Your Hydraulic Bolting Tools - Best warranty for hydraulic Torque WrenchYet, the latter group of insurance companies typically have the best ratings, more coverage options, better service and are more cost-effective — like 30% – 40% less, not just “15% in 15 minutes” and much better than a “discount double check”, which is in “good hands” after “mayhem”.

How is this possible you wonder? Because, they do not spend hundreds of millions per year on advertising through traditional and digital media. Instead, they rely on their agent partners to generate business through great services and word of mouth.

Okay, now back to Hydraulic Bolting Tools? Similar to the example above Torc is not a widely known brand within the US market even though it is manufactured in the United States and distributed around the world. The reason for this invisibility is that Torc has streamlined the manufacturing process and uses a low overhead business model approach in sales and marketing to offer maintenance purchasing managers the highest quality torque wrenches at 30% – 45% less than its competitors.

Many of the other Hydraulic Bolting Solution companies out there have large corporate staffs and advertising budgets that contribute to higher tool prices, but not to a better tool. And, that is a hidden truth you and your CFO should be aware of when making a bolting tool purchasing decision.

Hidden Truths #5 – Annual Tool Maintenance and A Complete Wrench Overhaul Are Two Different Things

Hydraulic torque wrenches for sale - square drive torque bolting toolHow much do you currently pay for the annual calibration and maintenance service of one hydraulic torque wrench?

Would you say, “$500 each — on average”.

And, would you say you have roughly 5 such complete tools on-hand.

If so, you are right in-line with most companies within industries that demand low clearance and square drive hydraulic fastening tools. Some companies have 10+, some just have one. Most of these maintenance costs are to replace worn parts and tool calibration, but, do not include a complete wrench overhaul. This is because as stated within Hidden Truths #1 About Your Hydraulic Bolting Tools, most companies claiming to be a manufacturer really are white-label distributors.

Through the Torc overnight tool replacement program, AMG Bolting Solutions has access to the necessary inventory levels to ensure customers are never without the right tool for the job. This means zero down time while your original hydraulic bolting equipment is undergoing its annual calibration and maintenance service. And, by maintenance we mean a complete wrench overhaul – new seals, screws, calibration, and a thorough cleaning all at a much lower cost than its competitors.

“How much lower”, you ask?

Using the industry averages mentioned earlier — did you know you could save up $200 per tool per year. So now, imagine using a tools which we have already established will cost 30% -45% less, is made in America, has an industry leading 13 months warranty, is of the highest level of quality, is less likely to have a useless feature break, and can save your company on average $1000 per year.

Well there is no need to imagine. It is as real as a hydraulic fastener tool manufactured by Torc everyday.


There are many hidden truths to consider when making bolting equipment purchasing decisions. But, perhaps the biggest one is that you have never heard of Torc hydraulic torque wrenches, power packs, and bolting equipment accessories. You never knew about all the ways we could save your company thousands of dollars year after year. You certainly did not know some warranty and tool replacement service options are better than others. The great news for you and for us is that now you do know.

And, as a G.I. Joe would say “knowing is half the battle”.

Contact AMG Bolting Solutions today for a free demo of any Torc Hydraulic Wrench tool, visit the video library, or our resources page.

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